Bay Area Baby Shower

It has been an exciting 8 months here at Bay Area Design & Landscape.  We are thrilled to announce that our Bay Area Family is growing– as our beautiful and talented Kimberly is expecting a baby this December!  Nothing brings more joy and warmth to our hearts than the forthcoming birth of a baby!!  Amidst our bustling office schedule, we have been secretly happily awaiting the arrival of Dean Chapman, and Amanda and I have been fighting to hold Kim’s belly and feel Dean kick around — poor Kim, she is petered daily with unwanted attention!

Last week Amanda and myself along with the help of Kimberly’s parents and grandfather hosted a Fall Woodland Themed Baby Shower for the expectant parents.

Amanda and I decorated the house using Fall and Woodland themed decorations we crafted. For those of you who may be planning your own special shower or just want to join in on the fun, we wanted to share a few handmade highlights.  The Diaper cake below set the tone of the Fall Woodland Theme.

woodland baby theme diaper cake

Upon entering guests signed the guest-book, fresh Fall flowers and pumpkins emphasized the theme, while a garland with baby pictures of Kimberly and Ryan on display brought back memories to their families.

woodland baby shower theme

A garland of onesies with a woodland motif hung on the mantle.

woodland baby shower theme

A display of Fall pumpkins and flowers were atop another table.

The dining room table decorated with a Fall motif – fresh Bay Leaves and lemons amid Antlers to bring in the woodland theme.

The side-table outdoors had a display of Eucalyptus leaves and other fresh greenery amid small pumpkins.

The dining table outdoors was simply decorated with Eucalyptus leaves, fresh flowers and a centerpiece of pumpkins.

The delicious cake was made by Kimberly’s aunt Frances.  It was as  scrumptious as it was beautiful.

woodland baby shower cake

The expectant parents to be Ryan & Kimberly Chapman.

The beautiful expectant mother to be.

Kimberly with her brother David and parents, Katherine & Ray.

Kimberly’s grandfather, Thomas.

Family photo, aunt Frances, mom, dad, grandfather, parents to be, brother and cousin Loren.

Time for gifts! Kimberly received many beautiful gifts from her friends & family to help her prepare for Dean’s arrival.

Setting up, Kimberly’s grandfather and father preparing the delicious brisket, ribs and sausage.

A Happy Trails candy bar was set up for guests to help themselves as we bid them farewell.

woodland theme baby shower candy bar

We cannot wait to meet Dean, only 4 more weeks until his arrival! I hope you feel inspired and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Ciao Mardel



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