Christmas Gift Ideas for the Garden Lover

If you are like me, and still have Christmas shopping to do here are 10 wonderful gift ideas for the garden lover!

  1.  Anduze Pottery:  If you are looking for a special gift consider the timeless Anduze Pots.  We carry a large assortment of authentic Anduze Pottery in many colors. These wonderful planters become family heirlooms. french anduze pottery
  2. Amaryllis:  Teachers, friends, family everyone loves Amaryllis.  We carry them in bulk, potted up in small planters of every price point.  These beautiful bulbs make a wonderful gift and after they bloom out your recipient can plant it in their garden.amaryllis bulbs, christmas gifts
  3. Cages:  Cages are not for birds anymore.  Come see our wonderful selection of planted cages.  These can be used on your side-table indoors or as centerpieces outdoors.  Original gift!birdcages, planters, unique planters, christmas gifts
  4. Lanterns:  This is something everybody loves, but never buys for themselves!  Come see our selection of lanterns, a wonderful addition to any interior and exterior.lanterns, outdoor decor, farmhouse, christmas gifts
  5. Succulent Bowls:  For those people who love greenery but kill everything — consider a succulent bowl.  All they need to do is place in an environment that gets half a day of sun and spritz with water once a week or less.  What a great introduction to gardening!succulents, christmas gifts, garden gifts
  6. Planters:  Decorative planters are always a wonderful gift.  Again, this is one of the items everyone wants but hardly ever buy for themselves.  Choose a pot and choose the plants we will get it all prettied up for you ready to WOW your lucky recipient!garden gifts, christmas gifts, planters
  7. Fountains:  Who does not love the sound of running water?  From extravagant fountains to small table fountains, we carry an array of them.  Surprise your loved one with one of these!fountains, garden gifts
  8. Edible Trees:  Perhaps you heard your husband or friend mention how they would like an edible garden.  Consider a fruit tree, Lemon, Limes, Oranges, Tangerines and Satsumas will all make a wonderful gift!gardening, gifts, christmas gifts
  9. Shade Trees:  The gift that keeps on giving, perhaps you know of someone who needs  a tree.  We carry trees in all sizes from 7 gal to 200 gal.  we will surely find the one that fits your budget!crape myrtles, live oaks, magnolia, gardening, gifts
  10. Gift Certificates:  If you simply cannot make up your mind, consider a gift certificate and let your recipient decide!

Stop by Bay Area Design & Landscape’s garden center today for any of these great gift ideas, let our garden staff  help you select the perfect one for your family and friends!


Ciao Mardel


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