Welcome to Boxwood & Blooms, I am Mardel and I have created this blog for all the garden enthusiasts and people seeking  la dolce vita. I am the principal designer at Bay Area Design & Landscape, a design build firm in the Houston area where my team and I create stunning outdoor spaces, pools and gardens. I was born and raised in Europe living most of my life on an island called Malta off the coast of Italy so my sense of design and style stems from this European region.

In this blog I am going to share with you the gardens and outdoor living spaces my team and I create. I am going to discuss gardening dilemmas and trends.  As I travel extensively to visit my friends and family in Malta, Italy and France I will share with you tidbits on the authentic European lifestyle!

If you would like to see these posts,  join me on my adventures and be inspired to bring your garden to life click on the link under the social media tab to subscribe.  Thank you for dropping  by, I would love to hear from you,  your input, questions and comments are what inspires me to write!


Mardel Fraivillig