My Top 10 Favorite Plants

Finding  plants that preform well in the hot and humid Houston area is tough, finding ones that stay beautiful all year is  harder. Over the years, we have found several plants that are staples to most of our landscape design.   Below are the ones that made it to the top ten! Boxwood–  Use this evergreen … Continue Reading

After the Freeze

Wow, what a few days we have had!  I wanted to share with you today some tips to guide you in your garden, as we recover from these last three days of freezing temperatures.  As you walk around the garden some plants may start to show you signs of frost damage.  You will most likely … Continue Reading

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Garden Lover

If you are like me, and still have Christmas shopping to do here are 10 wonderful gift ideas for the garden lover!  Anduze Pottery:  If you are looking for a special gift consider the timeless Anduze Pots.  We carry a large assortment of authentic Anduze Pottery in many colors. These wonderful planters become family heirlooms.  … Continue Reading

Bay Area Baby Shower

It has been an exciting 8 months here at Bay Area Design & Landscape.  We are thrilled to announce that our Bay Area Family is growing– as our beautiful and talented Kimberly is expecting a baby this December!  Nothing brings more joy and warmth to our hearts than the forthcoming birth of a baby!!  Amidst … Continue Reading

My Top 10 Winter Annuals


Alas!  I think I felt a cool breeze this morning.  Is Fall finally here?  We are so lucky in Houston, as our Fall and Winter months are usually very mild.  This is actually a great time of year to enjoy the garden with our family and friends.  Get your garden gloves on and join me … Continue Reading