My Top 10 Winter Annuals


Alas!  I think I felt a cool breeze this morning.  Is Fall finally here?  We are so lucky in Houston, as our Fall and Winter months are usually very mild.  This is actually a great time of year to enjoy the garden with our family and friends.  Get your garden gloves on and join me … Continue Reading

Birds, Butterflies & Bees

I had never thought of landscape architecture as creating habitats for birds, butterflies and bees.  I always thought of it as creating a space that enhances the architecture of a specific building, echoing the style intended; while creating spaces for gathering, play, gardening and tying all these elements together.  But, the last two to three … Continue Reading

My Top 10 Summer Annuals

We all know summers can be brutal here in Houston!  I have often been asked how our gardens always look good all summer. That my friends, is because we carefully select the most heat resistant color available on the market. To begin with, choose the area where you would like to add annuals, remove the … Continue Reading

Crape Murder Continues

It’s that time of year when Crape Murder is committed!  I am not sure how this horrible procedure began, but it is wide spread in the Houston area – and unfortunately most people believe that butchering Crape Myrtles is the correct way to prune. Please read and help us stop this trend!! Topping Crape Myrtles … Continue Reading