Malta’s Capital City Valletta

Valletta, a UNESCO world heritage site, is nothing short of an open air museum. This capital city is the brainchild of Grandmaster Jean de la Valette, who wanted a fortified city to protect the island from Turkish invasion. The architect Francesco Laparelli, who was Michelangelo’s assistant, was sent to Malta by the Pope to design … Continue Reading

A Sunday Garden Stroll

In Malta, almost everything is closed on Sunday. So in summer you have limited options—either beach, pool, family gatherings, hikes, or a visit to a garden. Of course I choose gardens every time! So I set out to visit three of Valletta’s gardens. The most famous garden in the city of Valletta is the Upper … Continue Reading

A Mediterranean Wedding

Part of the reason for my trip to Malta this year is because my youngest niece, Jade, is getting married. She lives in Australia and wanted a small wedding with her closest relatives.  The only problem is that her closest family are scattered around the world, from Australia to Canada, the United States, Sweden, Italy, … Continue Reading

July To-Do List

The scorching hot days of summer are here again.  Does it seem to get hotter and more humid each year, or do I just get amnesia from one summer to the next?  Can you imagine if you were a plant or a tree – being outdoors 24/7?  I almost feel sorry for them at this … Continue Reading

Wondering About Gardens

I woke up this morning and as I glanced out of my kitchen window this wonderful surprise was blooming! It immediately brought a smile to my face, and filled me with joy. What a pleasant welcoming of a brand new Day! I immediately start to wonder why this one little Dutch Iris brings me so … Continue Reading

A Garden in Provence

  I discovered  this quintessential Provencal garden at a winery called Château Val Joanis located south of the Luberon Regional Natural Park in Provence. The garden was designed in 1978 modeled after a seventeenth century garden. It is comprised of three terraces sheltered from the mistral winds. Italian Cypress, Lavender and clipped Boxwood Borders invite … Continue Reading

Front Yard Landscapes

First impressions are important! Your landscape design should give great importance and consideration to the architecture of your home.  Landscape should be like the jewelry on a dress—complimenting and not distracting.  The care and consideration you put in your outdoor design and maintenance is how other people are going to become acquainted with you before … Continue Reading