Crape Murder Continues

It’s that time of year when Crape Murder is committed!  I am not sure how this horrible procedure began, but it is wide spread in the Houston area – and unfortunately most people believe that butchering Crape Myrtles is the correct way to prune. Please read and help us stop this trend!! Topping Crape Myrtles … Continue Reading

Villa d’Este

Every time I go to Italy, Rome is a must see for me. This city is full of antiquity, history, culture and of course fashion and food. However, after a few days in the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city congested with tourists, I like to take a little break and visit the surrounding … Continue Reading

September To Do List

I am so excited that September is finally here and the end of the hot humid and long summer is in sight.  I know you are also excited and ready for Fall flowers! However, we must wait a few more weeks until the temperature  cools down some, at least at night. In the meantime, here is a list of things you should … Continue Reading

Malta’s Capital City Valletta

Valletta, a UNESCO world heritage site, is nothing short of an open air museum. This capital city is the brainchild of Grandmaster Jean de la Valette, who wanted a fortified city to protect the island from Turkish invasion. The architect Francesco Laparelli, who was Michelangelo’s assistant, was sent to Malta by the Pope to design … Continue Reading

A Sunday Garden Stroll

In Malta, almost everything is closed on Sunday. So in summer you have limited options—either beach, pool, family gatherings, hikes, or a visit to a garden. Of course I choose gardens every time! So I set out to visit three of Valletta’s gardens. The most famous garden in the city of Valletta is the Upper … Continue Reading

A Mediterranean Wedding

Part of the reason for my trip to Malta this year is because my youngest niece, Jade, is getting married. She lives in Australia and wanted a small wedding with her closest relatives.  The only problem is that her closest family are scattered around the world, from Australia to Canada, the United States, Sweden, Italy, … Continue Reading

July To-Do List

The scorching hot days of summer are here again.  Does it seem to get hotter and more humid each year, or do I just get amnesia from one summer to the next?  Can you imagine if you were a plant or a tree – being outdoors 24/7?  I almost feel sorry for them at this … Continue Reading